Seattle Man Acquitted in Stepfather's Slaying.

A King County Superior Court jury returned a not guilty verdict in murder case. Tim Leary was able to show that his client "did not and could not have committed the murder." (full story:

Tim Leary: Committed to Defend

I have spent my entire career focused on criminal law. As a Senior Deputy Prosecutor in the King County Prosecutor’s Office, I handled complex, high-profile cases. In private practice, I draw from this experience and understanding to vigorously defend my client’s interests—no matter what challenges they face.

  • Under investigation:
    Protecting your rights.

    Are police looking for you or someone in your family, wanting to “ask a few questions?” Are you in the midst of a criminal investigation? Have you just been booked into jail? Call me. I will go to work immediately, devising a game plan, calming nerves, and making sure that your rights are respected from the start.

  • Charged with a crime:
    Navigating the system.

    If you’ve received notice to appear in court for an arraignment, make sure I’m at your side. I will guide you through complex processes, construct strategies to protect you in the short and long term, and continually remind judges, prosecutors, and society that you are innocent until proven otherwise.

  • Going to trial:
    Challenging the evidence.

    My extensive courtroom experience and superior tactical skills will work to your advantage if you go to trial. In the courtroom, I will fight hard for you: challenging the State’s evidence, convincing the judge to suppress evidence, and effectively persuading the jury of your innocence.

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“I turned to Tim shortly after I was arrested. He was patient, thoughtful and very informative. He explained the process to me and laid out a game plan..." Read more

I highly endorse this lawyer. Here is why:
“Tim worked as my criminal defense attorney on three cases, two of which were felonies...” Read more

Did an Incredible Job on My Robbery Case
“I turned to Tim shortly after I was arrested. He was patient, thoughtful and very informative...” Read more


University of Washington School of Law
Seattle, Washington
Juris Doctor, June 2000

University of Puget Sound
Tacoma, Washington
Bachelor of Arts, Politics and Government
Cum laude, May 1994

Jesuit Volunteer Corps
Helena, Montana 1994-95.
phone: 206-382-2401
fax: 206-658-2401
705 Second Ave, Suite 1111
Seattle, WA 98104


Homicide defense requires an examination of a variety of issues: identity, self defense, alibi, faulty eyewitness witness identification, inadequate investigation and mental defenses.

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The most common issues in assault cases are self defense and victim fabrication. I have had great success uncovering information that is favorable for my clients and all too often overlooked by the police.

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Robbery cases often involve questions of identity or victim participation. Many wrongful convictions from around the country involve faulty identification procedures that invariably result in misidentifications. In other cases, the victim is less than forthright in what is actually a dispute over money, drugs or property.

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In burglary cases, the issues often center around identity, proof that the defendant indeed to commit a crime inside the building (if not, it is a criminal trespass) and whether the building was open to the public.

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Theft cases are often document driven cases. Questions include – whether the defendant was the person who took the money or property? Was taking wrongful? Did the defendant have permission?

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Malicious Mischief

In malicious mischief cases, can the State prove that the defendant was acting maliciously or was it simply an accident? Other issues often involve questions of identity, the admissibility of the defendant’s statements, and the true cost of the damage.

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Arson cases present all kinds of issues that must be examined: identity, accidental vs. intentional fires, sufficiency of the investigation, intent, admissibility of the defendant’s statements, and identity.

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Driving/Motor Vehicle Offenses

Criminal traffic cases can be very complex and technical. The difference between an accident and an alleged criminal act can often be very narrow. The defense must scrutinize the accident reconstruction, the witnesses’ accounts and scientific tests.

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Courts take gun cases very seriously given that they frequently see cases involving gun that end with tragic results. Weapons cases often involve questions of whether the officers conducted a proper search and had a basis to seize the gun.

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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence cases run the gambit – anything from misdemeanor theft to murder. It is simply a designation that is added to a crime. However that designation can have significant consequences for defendants.

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All too often kids do things that they and their parents regret. The juvenile justice system is supposed to place an emphasis on rehabilitation over punishment. In addition to all the other applicable defenses, it is important that the court not forget that we are working with a kid and not an adult.

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Immigration Consequences

The consequences of a criminal charge, let alone a conviction, can be devastating for noncitizens. Work visas, education visas, tourist visas and the ability to later naturalize can hang in the balance depending the case’s outcome.

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